FREE Brake Pads for Civil Servant Federal Workers

KFE Brake Systems wants to support Civil Servant Federal Workers by offering FREE Brake Pads during the government shut down. There are so many things that Civil Servant Federal Workers will need to paid for. As long as the government is shut down, and they are not being paid, KFE Brake Systems want them to have one less worry. At KFE Brake Systems, we hope that the shut down will end soon, you will start getting paid, and be back to work! Thank you for keeping the country running.

For offer, please call (562) 941-8808

Offer ends at the end of current 1st QT 2019 government shut down. One offer per household. Must show proof of Gov ID, and last pay stub. Limited to brake pad availability. Limited up to 1,000 total sets of brake pads.

Civil ServantEnd Government Shut DownFederal WorkersFree Brake Pad

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