Happy 248th Birthday Marines!

Posted by Eric M. Smith on Nov 11th 2023

A MESSAGE FROM THE COMMANDANT OF THE MARINE CORPS For 248 years, Marines have earned a reputation as the most disciplined and lethal warfighters in the world. This legacy of honor, courage, and c … read more

Happy 245th Birthday Marines!

Posted by General Berger on Nov 11th 2020

Happy Birthday Marine Corps, and Happy Birthday Marines. Each and everyone of us have served with Marines that comes from every corner of the country, every religion, color, and creed. We have alway … read more

Covid-19 Update

Mar 14th 2020

As the Novel-Coronavirus 2019 has hit many parts of the world, it has come to our door steps. Our thoughts goes out to all who has, are, and will be effected by this virus.Steps KFE Brake Systems is … read more