Wholesale Inquiry

At KFE Brake Systems, we welcome all local, national and international enterprises with interests in carrying our products.  Located in the worlds largest automobile market, we look forward to working with each of you by offering our specially segmented, niche market products.

We are able to fulfill small to large orders, manufacture other compounds such as carbon, and NAO, private labeling, amount other value added services.

Currently we are looking for local, regional, national, and international dealers and distributors.  Please answer few questions and fill out the form below, someone from our wholesale department will contact you shortly.  Let this be the start of a great beginning!

  • What type of partnerships you would like to have with us: retail, wholesale, regional distribution, private labeling, etc
  • What are your main needs in brakes, please include auto makers and models
  • Are you looking for other applications besides what we are offering currently
  • What type of requirements are you looking for in our products in terms of pad life, COF, etc.
  • Your title and role with your company

Please allow an 24-48 hrs turn around reply time.