Trulli WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Asbestos-Free 100% asbestos-free friction materials
Chamfered Edge Yes
Compound QuietAdvanced – Ceramic
Length: 87mm/3.425in, Width: 52.8mm/2.078in, Thickness: 14.9mm/0.587in
Eco-Conscious Rating level B to Meets 2021 Cooper Legislation
Hardware Kit Not Included
Package Content One full set of 4 REAR, both passenger and driver pads, 4 Pre-Attatched Anti-Squeal Dual-Rubber Shims
Shims Includes Pre-Attatched Anti-Squeal Dual-Rubber Shims
Slots Yes
Warranty 2 years Limited Warranty or 25,000 miles whatever comes first. For more details please click on Warranty
Interchangeable Part Numbers AcDelco: 17D340A, 17D340ACH, Akebono: EUR340, EUR340A, Bendix: CFC340, D340, D340CT, MKD340, MRD340, SBC340, SCD340, MKD1017, SMD1017, Bosch: BC340, BE340, Brembo: P85020N, Centric: 100.03400, 102.03400, 103.03400, 104.03400, 105.03400, 106.03400, Hella-Pagid: 355018111, 8DB 355 017-711 / T5022Monroe: CX1017A, GX1017A, Raybestos: EHT340AH, MGD340ACH, PGD340AC, SGD340AC, TRW: TPC340A, Volkswagen: 191698451A, 191698451C, 191698451D, 1E0698451B, 1E0698451E, 1E0698451G, 1H0698451, 1H0698451C, 1H0698451D, 1H0698451F, 1H0698451G, 1J0698451, 1J0698451B, 1J0698451D, 1J0698451E, 1J0698451F, 1J0698451G, 1J0698451K, 1J0698451L, 1J0698451R, 4B0698451, 4B0698451B, 4B0698451C, 4B0698451E, 4D0698451C, 8E0698451, 8E0698451A, 8E0698451B, Wagner: MX1017A, PD1017, MX1017



2011-2012 A3 TDI
2010 A3 2.0L Diesel
2005-2006 A4 Convertible 255mm
2002-2004 A4 ALL Trims
2005-2006 A4 Quattro Convertible 255mm
2002-2004 A4 Quattro ALL Trims
1999-2004 A6 ALL Trims
1999-2004 A6 Quattro ALL Trims
2001-2003 A8 Quattro ALL Trims
2001-2005 Allroad Quattro ALL Trims
2004 S4 ALL Trims
2002-2003 S6 ALL Trims
2000-2006 TT ALL Trims
2000-2006 TT Quattro ALL Trims


2014-2015 Beetle 254mm Rotor
2012-2013 Beetle TRW Girling Caliper 253mm Rotor
1998-2010 Beetle ALL Trims
1999-2002 Cabrio ALL Trims
1990-1995 Corrado ALL Trims
2010-2013 Golf 253mm Rotor
1987-2006 Golf ALL Trims
2014 Jetta S 2.0 N/A
2011-2013 Jetta 2.5L N/A Wagon
1994-2004 Jetta ALL Trims
1991-2005 Passat ALL Trims