KFE465-102: KFE Quiet Comfort OE Brake Pads

[one_half] KFE465-102 Quiet Comfort OE Semi-Metallic Brake Pad [/one_half] [one_half_last] [accordions] [accordion title="Compound"] Quiet Comfort OE - Semi-Metallic [/accordion] [accordion title="Anti-Squeal Shims"] Includes noise reducing shims [/accordion] [accordion title="Hardware Kit"] Not included [/accordion] [accordion title="Package Content"] One full set of 4 FRONT, both left and right pads [/accordion] [accordion title="Slots"] Yes [/accordion] [accordion title="Chamfers"] Yes [/accordion] [accordion title="Asbestos-Free"] 100% asbestos-free friction materials [/accordion] [accordion title="Warranty"] 1 year Limited Warranty or 15,000 miles whichever comes first. For more details please click on Limited Warranty[/accordion] [accordion title="Dimension"] Length: 137.5mm/5.41in, Width: 52.2mm/2.06in, Thickness: 15.9mm/0.63in [/accordion] [accordion title="Interchangeable Part Numbers"] Akebono: ACT465A, Bendix: D465A, Centric: 105.07640, FMSI: D465-7573, D764-7632, Honda: 45022-SNE-A00, 45022-S5D-405 Raybstos: PGD465AC[/accordion] [/accordions] [/one_half_last] [callout] Models [/callout] [one_half]


1997-1999 CL 4 Cyl [/one_half] [one_half_last]


1998-2002 Accord 4 Cyl 1995-1997 Accord 4 Cyl Sedan, ALL Coupe 1994 Accord Sedan, Coupe 1993 Accord Coupe, Sedan with Akebono Calipers 1990-1992 Accord Sedan with Akebono Calipers 2003-2011 Civic DX/EX/LX 2003 Civic Si 2001-2002 Civic ALL Trims 1999-2000 Civic EX/Si 1996-1998 Civic EX 1996 Civic LX ABS ONLY 2010-2012 Insight ALL Trims [/one_half_last]