KFE Quiet Comfort OE Brake Pads

KFE Quiet Comfort OE Features KFE Brake Systems is proudly introducing our newest Semi-Metallic formula brake pad: KFE Quiet Comfort OE Brake Pads. These pads are designed for daily driving conditions with low dust, low noise, and comfort in mind. KFE Quiet Comfort OE Semi-Metallic Brake Pads feature dual rubber shims to reduce noise. The Positive molding and thermo scorched manufacturing process gives the product more consistent braking power, and reduces the initial break-in time. Slotted and Chamfered edges improve brake pad efficiency during braking. For more information please select KFE Quiet Comfort OE Brake Pads

Chamfer EdgeDual Rubber ShimsKFE Brake SystemsKFE Quiet Comfort OE Brake PadsLow DustLow NoisePositive MoldingSemi-Metallic Brake PadsSlotted

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