KFE Quiet Advanced Brake Pads

KFE Quiet Advanced Brake Pads 619x230 KFE Brake Systems announces the newest street brake pad: the Quiet Advanced Brake Pad series. This line of brake pads has many features that benefit the daily driver, starting with its advanced dual-rubber shims. Unlike other low quality shims, our shims’ special patented design and high quality materials used in the production of each shim help reduce vibration generated during caliper piston and brake back plate contact. Vibration causes a large portion of the noise you hear during braking. With these shims, over brake noise will be reduced. Like all of our brake pad lines, positive molding and thermo scorched manufacturing processes are used. These features will help give the brake pad a more consistent bite and decrease the time for break-in process. Other features include slotted and chamfered edges on the design of the brake pads. The slots in the brake pads help clean dirt and debris off the rotor, which will help increase brake contact surface and increase brake bite. Chamfered edges help prevent the friction material from lifting off the back plate; this will ensure a long lasting life for the brake pad. For details please select KFE Quiet Advanced Brake Pads

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