Covid-19 Update

As the Novel-Coronavirus 2019 has hit many parts of the world, it has come to our door steps. Our thoughts goes out to all who has, are, and will be effected by this virus.

Steps KFE Brake Systems is taking to combat the virus:

– We are making sure that all team members washes their hands with soap at least 20 seconds when necessary.
– Try to avoid all public areas.
– We encourage social distancing.
– We have discourage all unnecessary travel.
– Daily disinfecting of our working spaces like desks, door knobs, light switches, work benches, and bathrooms. *updated to Daily on 3/16/20
– We have a community service based supplemental paid plan ready in case of our team members are unable to work, or in case of an office shut down due to Covid-19.

Covia-19 effects on KFE Brake Systems’ business operations:

– Business will be operating at regular business hours.
– We have currently stopped all in-person meetings.
– All orders will still be processed in the order that it has came in.
– We are not accepting any walk-in customers or guests for any reason.
– All items are currently in stock, and we will working hard to get them to our retailers within the next 2-4 weeks.

Our team members and customers is the key drivers that makes KFE Brake Systems as what we are today. We will continue to honest, transparent, and have the best interest of customers first before profits. We will continue to support our team members and their families needs. We will continue to give back and support Non-profit Veteran Organizations. May we all be protected.

To find out more about the virus, and the latest updates:

For World Health Organization, please go to:
For Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, please go to:
For Occupational Safety and Health Administration, please go to:
For California Health Department, please go to:
For LA County Public Health, please go to:
For City of Santa Fe Springs, please go to:


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